Week 7 – Free No More: Internet Regulation and Hacking

Anonymous is a name that has been quite common in media attention over the last few years. With the explosion of hacking taking out some of our top security websites, the group has become famous. Anonymous claims to be a collective of many internet users around the world who work to bring the truth out on the internet. It is a goal among these vigilantes to make their mark in history. They have been involved in multiple revolution by providing uncensored access to oppressed working to give information and inspiration. They have moved more towards efforts that involve big corporations and government these days. When a computer security company called HBGary made threats towards them, they hacked and overtook the companies website stole e-mails and classified information. They also hacked Sony and used the confidential information stolen to protect a fellow hacker who was being sued by them and the personal information of those who visited the hacker’s site. Since Anonymous is such a large group, different sects have formed within it who all have various agendas. There have not been many arrests made and it is very hard to tell whether or not the people arrested are truly the criminals or have just been set up.
SOPA and PIPA (Protect IP) are just two more bills along the long line of internet restriction bills of the past and to come. The SOPA bill or the Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA are meant to limit and censor the public’s ability to freely use the internet. They were built to have domestic sites (registered within the U.S.) take down links to any foreign site (registered outside U.S.) so people’s access to pirated websites or any site that infringes on copyright would be disconnected. The internet is a the newest form of media and removing our access would truly be a violation of the First Amendment. It is wrong for the government to take away access to information. These acts are working to allow government to have complete control over the people which would break down the fabric of the Democratic Republic we know and love. These laws put us under the same scrutiny as many dictatorships have done in the past. It is the public’s duty not to lay back and accept these atrocities but to stand up and fight back against them. We have to work to end the corruption by electing just individuals that believe in the same freedoms as our forefathers. We have to vote.

2 thoughts on “Week 7 – Free No More: Internet Regulation and Hacking

  1. Myra

    I believe Anonymous is a group that is trying to leave their mark in history, with all the hacking and exposing they are doing to websites and companies. The accomplishments that they are trying to complete are for a good cause because they are trying to revolutionize freedom of the Internet and stop the bad people who are trying to corrupt that. Anonymous is a very large group of people so you would not know who exactly is being involved. Bills like SOPA and PIPA are not the first bills that have been created to put a restriction on the Internet and I’m pretty sure will not be the last. These bills are created to allow the government to control how we use the Internet. I agree the Internet is the most popular form of media that we use every day and if the government removes our access then that will be violating our rights as the people. We should not accept these bills and allow them to pass so as a nation we should fight for the Internet and fight for our freedom of the Internet. That’s right, take a stand and vote!

  2. zdziars2

    I think you did an excellent job in expressing the importance of fighting for the Internet by encouraging others to vote. As members of the Internet generation, the Internet is a very serious matter to us. It has been around since our birth and we have weaved it into almost every aspect of our daily lives. Even thinking about the Internet as a place with limited or restricted access to information is unreal to me. Although older generations seem to criticize our indifference to political matters often describing us as the generation who is much less interested in politics than any preceding generation, I think that when it comes to the Internet, something we all hold close to our hearts, we can prove them wrong. Many have already taken a stand boycotting products from companies that support SOPA and PIPA and have been avidly involved in protesting and writing letters to government officials expressing their dissent. I think that we are fully capable of taking a stand for what we believe in just as much as any generation before us and can and will fight for the freedom of the internet.

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