We Are Anonymous

I was informed of the group anonymous in 2009, while I was still at Oakland University for my freshman year. The topic was brought to me through social media, and I was able to watch a few of the videos while in class. At the time, the goal of this “movement” was still a unknown for me. But thanks to some research inspired by this class, I now 3 years later, finally know their intentions.

From my interpretation: Anonymous is a “movement” which aims to exploit the exploiters. It could be anyone or any company or oddity that abuses it’s power enough to be noticed. Anonymous was extremely influential in 2011, and it started with OpTunisia: a movement which helped rid the country of  dictator Ben Ali. Anonymous continued to aid countries in their attempt for freedom, the next mission being OpEgypt.  Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak gave up power 17 days later, and many believe that Anonymous was a big aid to the Egyptians cause.

From governments to corporations: no one who exploited their power was safe.  A security company called “HBGary” had been working on “illuminating” key members of Anonymous as proof to how good the companies security really was. Anonymous did not take kindly to the thought that there were “key members” in their organization and retaliated by hacking HBGary Federal server, and pulling out over 70,000 emails and internal documents. After that ordeal, Anonymous moved through corporations such as: Sony, BART and eventually helped the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

Movements such as Anonymous are extremely prominent because of who they target. These movements are not backing down to the “Big Boys” and for the most part are winning their battles. SOPA is an Anti-piracy bill that is making its way through congress, and PIPA is an infringement and counterfeit act. Both of these bills are very bland and not direct at all. It is believed that these bills would be abused by the government and eventually “ruin” the internet.

People against these bills (I am sure Anonymous is) believe that these two bills would ruin the internet all together. The wording is so bland that it is believed there is no way the power of these bills would not be abused. Fortunately neither PIPA or SOPA have passed, and hopefully they never will.

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  1. neuroth2

    I thought your summarization of Anonymous was very descriptive and overall a good introduction to some of the facts about them. I wasn’t even able to uncover all of that information while doing my own research so great job there. I thought your descriptions of SOPA and PIPA were a little bland in of themselves in that you didn’t really explain what they are trying to prevent or inhibit. I would like to know about your personal opinions about the impacts laws like SOPA would have on our communities and on the internet as a whole. I personally think that Anonymous does have a good agenda and are trying to look out for the freedom of our country. Overall I thought you did a great job summarizing some very broad targets and helped contribute to my understanding of this weeks topics as well as Anonymous as a group.

    -Andrew Neuroth

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