Week 6

The wewb has made copy right and intellectual copy difficult. Now with computers people can forge and duplicate anything. Lawrence Lessig touched on this a lot in his video. He showed a video of George W. Bush and some other politicia singing a song to each other. This never happened in real life but because of editing to the video it made it appear this way. Almost anybody with a computer can take images, video, text, and many other things to make them seem as something they’re not. As time goes on this will continue to get more and more complicated. Also due to p2p networks people can share information on their computers. Benkler touched on this briefly in his video. This allows users to share files on their computers with users all over the world. Music is probably the best example of this. Artist album sales are at an all time low due to illegal music downloads on the web. You can access just about any artist song through p2p sharing networks and blogs. Due to the internet artist have been forced to make money other ways with there music. For a period of time artist would make money off of ring tones and now most artist manage to make money through touring and performing. Music is just one of many things being illegally shared on the internet and I believe this is something that will continue to go on and also get worst. Copyrighting and intellectual property is something that will continue to be compromised.

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  1. sheahan1

    I agree with this post. The rise of the internet has allowed for many connections to be made that previously were unavailable. The ability to access such a wide variety of information makes it very hard for intellectual property to be protected. File-sharing websites make gaining access to privileged information simple. Internet theft is one of the most common crimes committed today. It is also committed by most internet users. Though it may seem victim-less at the time it’s committed, the combined and repeated theft takes a huge toll on the revenues collected by the performing artists. Sometimes, the perpetrators do use the obtained info for good. When music is reused in new songs, it can allow for new doors to open for the original artist. These remixes are free advertisement but most of the music industry see’s it very differently. The artist from Girl Talk would be happy to give credit to the original artist and share some revenue but can’t afford to pay millions in licensing fees. People deserve to have access to information, but should have to pay a fee for access. Maybe instead of fighting file-sharing, a small nominal yearly fee for every user should be instituted which will cover all costs for the artists.

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