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It seems that with the development of the web, and it being so easy to access now a days, it is much simpler to copyright material online, but it is also easy to steal intellectual property. In fact, it is very easy to steal property without having to purchase online. Songs, movies, books, video games, etc. can all be accessed from a torrent website and downloaded by any user with a basic knowledge of how to do it. Many people, like “Girl Talk” feel that they are only taking advantage of what is available to them, and Girl Talk was simply using the samples on line to make his own productions. To him, it is no different than taking samples of paintings handed out on the street and putting them together.

I do not believe the web is or is going to destroy the concept of copyright and intellectual property altogether, simply because there is far too much interest in it. That is to say, copyrighting something is a way to make money, and for many people it is a sure way to make a lot of money. Rather the internet is a new source of availability or a completely new market rather than just stores and having to physically buy a CD or purchase a tangible book or movie. Now with the internet and the increase use of iPods and Kindles, people can buy a digital file of the item. Of course, this opens the market up to pirating, and many successful pirates need little skill. But more importantly it is expanding the market and thus creating large competition for publishing companies, driving the costs of the goods down for both the buyer, and the seller to publish.

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  1. juengelb

    With the idea that the internet has made it easier to copyright material online, I agree that it is very easy to steal things like songs or movies. People like Girl Talk are able to access music and create their own music from it. I feel that as long as they give credit to those artists and permission from them it is not considered copyrighting. Though I agree with Girl Talk that he is just simply using his resources, I feel that if he is not getting permission from the artists, he is stealing the artist’s music. I do not think that people like Girl Talk should not be creative and create their own music; I only think that they should get permission from those artists before he publishes them. With that, I also would agree with your thought that the web will definitely not be destroyed because of the internet because there is great interest in it and making money. However, I also think that it will be because many people would not allow their work to be simply stolen from them and have no copyright to stop them. Copyright however will have to change in order to face the increase in the use of computers and technology.

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