Copyright and Intellectual Property

I agree with Larry Lessig that the internet has only confused users on copyright issues, because there are only two extremist views available currently. The younger people who are recreating these older songs believe that the copyright concept should cease to exist. While other groups believe that the internet is no place for illegally taken material at all, and are developing ways to instantly remove copyrighted material from the internet as it is found.

Having only these two views available can be confusing to the general public, but  I agree with Larry Lessig that we should have a middle ground. He suggested where artists would allow their music/work to be edited by the public but copyright issues would exist if someone wanted to use it for commercial use. This seems like the logical solution to this confusing issue.  As long as the public is not profiting off of these recreations there should be no issue with the artist.

Now that I have discussed the middle grounds of this subject, lets go back to what exists today. The new generation which is against copyrights, does not see the need to give credit where credit is deserved. If I had created a nice beat and or a song, I would not want my music being cut and edited all over the world and radio for free. But I would be okay with it being cut and edited all over the internet, as long as no profit is being made off of my idea/creation. But this standpoint brings us to a strange situation with the group: Girl Talk.

Girl talk takes samples from artists across the world and edits them to go with one another. Because Gregg Gillis does not pay copyright fees, he also does not expect his fans to pay for his creations. This makes sense, but Gillis does profit off of concerts which puts the music industry in a strange debacle. What should the artists do? Should they sue Gillis who would more than likely have lawyers lined up to do his case for free? For now we will wait and see what the artists decide to do in this strange case. If you ask me, the fight would not be worth the reward. Gillis has a huge support group that would be hard to take down and or quiet.

4 thoughts on “Copyright and Intellectual Property

  1. heggins2

    I definitely have to agree with you and Larry Lessig. There indeed needs to be a middle ground ,where the origanl creators of musical art are satisfied and the re-creators are satisfied as well. I am not sure the exact lyrics,but this makes me think of a rap song by Drake. He talks about how he lost his cell phone which he wrote most of his lyrics on for upcoming songs. He was upset ,but he basically said he hopes that it gets in the hands of someone who does something even great than what he could have done with it. Leading me to a a quote by Tupac “I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world,but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” That quote itself reaches so far. The re-creators like Girl Talk and the others we watched in our required films for this week, are inspired by things that they’ve heard and want to incorprate and take things further. Isn’t that what art is about?

  2. nguye263

    Technology offers so much nowadays. People are taking an extra step into making technology their art form. I definitely agree with both your and Larry Lessig. I definitely believe both creators and re creators need to find a common ground with one another. Respect is extremely important in this musical art form. People constantly make modifications to anything. That’s how anything starts. You produce one product then decide how to make a brand new product better than the previous model. People find enjoyment in adding their own style or originality towards something they have interest in. Creators need to respect this. The same goes for re creators. You can make modifications although don’t try to sell the modified product! Sure you integrated new additions; however, the original creator did most of the work. Respect their credit! Many singers and artist nowadays are successful because they take something old and make it better. Isn’t that what art is all about? The Honda was originally an American automobile. The Japanese just took the car apart then made the car better!

  3. almerkel

    I think the issue with copyrights in the younger generation is that the generation just does not know what copyright infringement means. There is this overarching carefree attitude that makes kids think ‘oh, I won’t get caught’ or ‘the police can’t track it to me’. Where as in the scheme of things both are false, people do get caught and police can track people down using IP addresses.

    I do agree that there should be some sort of middle ground. I think that artists appreciate their music being used for other creative outlets by the public. The artists who are creating these ‘remixes’ are not looking for any compensation for their work other than to have others appreciate music. Many sites such as and allow artists to upload songs that they create. Some bands create original music, some do cover songs, and others remix/collaborate popular top 40 songs.

    I think copyrights are important to give credit to where it is due. Artists put a lot of time and effort into their work to create original songs. I do believe that copyright laws do need to be more lenient, specifically in the case of Girl Talk. It is true that he downloads music tracks for free and collaborates them to create new songs. I do not think it is fair, as you said, that he should charge money for his concerts. He should create for the love of the music.

  4. lewispai

    There is a big difference between the people who use other people’s music to create new music for the enjoyment, and those that do it for the profit. I agree that there needs to be a middle ground specifically for those people who are doing it just for the enjoyment, and not trying to make any profit off of it. I also think it is important that credit is given where it is due. I think that the original artist needs to be recognized, but it is also important that the creator of the new product is recognized as well, although I do not think the new creator should be making any profit from it. The copyright laws need to be more lenient to accommodate those who are creating remixes and such from other artists’ music, but they still need to protect the artists from people using their stuff for profit. The recreation of music using other artists’ music is a big part of today’s music culture and I think it is important that it continues, but the copyright laws need to be made to accommodate the people doing this for the right reasons and protect the artists from the people doing it for the wrong reasons.

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