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Copyright laws or intellectual property constantly goes into questioning in every single debate. The decision protects the creator’s patented product. Basically other people can’t gain access to modifying the original product. That was a comment made then, but what about now? Technology has evolved into another powerful era! Music is a big portion in copyright laws or intellectual property. People listen to music on the regular, however, music at clubs or concerts seem to be modified quite a bit. Nobody wants to disturb an original work. However, people are constantly looking for something better than the last track! The web has done a better job in respecting modifications while still instilling copyright or intellectual property based laws.

There are many programs offered through the web which enables Dj’s modify their tracks. The opportunity allows them doing so; however, the tracks could not be sold! This basically protects the creator’s original work from being disenfranchised. People are enjoying great beneficiaries from utilizing opportunities offered through technology. Unfortunately, a small amount of individual try to extract more which leads into illegal downloading or modifying a product then selling it. Things like such occur every day which leads me into a conclusion. If events like so keeps occurring- the web will destroy the copyright laws and intellectual property.

Producers of Good Copy and Bad Copy beliefs support my argument. Technology is used every day. Something new always happens and it’s becoming an art. When people add modifications towards a product- they are adding a new style or personality into the work. Technology offers a variety of opportunity. Opportunities are used to create a more upbeat form of enjoyment. That’s how an original work becomes possible. Some people misuse the opportunity which could damage a well good reputation. Dj’s enjoy the art of mixing or adding flavor to their music list, however, distribution of somebody’s else work is just cheating your way into originality. The video emphasizes all these great things and I firmly use it to support my argument.

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  1. caudill9

    I don’t know if I agree with your idea that the web is destroying [or will eventually lead to the demise of] Copyright laws. Certainly, it changes a lot of aspects of such laws. As a law stating that one cannot have access to or utilize intellectual property that is copyright is quite unfeasible with today’s technology. And that can only become more difficult to achieve with the advances in technology that are surely going to come.

    Whether or not this is a good things depends on your opinion on the freedom of knowledge versus capitalism. A capitalist would certainly groan at the idea that not everything would lead to huge monetary gains. Now, I am not stipulating that everything ever produced in the future will be free to access legally, but I am almost certain that laws will begin to lax and information will be more freely shared without fear.

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