Week 5 The Internet and The World Wide Web

While reading the article that Licklider’s made about the technology in the future. It was many things that I was able to relate too. I can say that he was ahead of his time on how technology will change. I like the fact that he used the statement “” When minds interact, new ideas emerge.” This statement is the reason why technology is what it is today. Scientist got together and put their ideas today and we have an amazing internet and world wide web today. It is amazing how the internet started today. Sherry Turkle talks about how the technology world and internet has changed so much that people are missing the family time that they had before this started. She also states how we are the drive of the internet world its not technology that is changing it is us changing technology. She states how people are lonely and lacking something this is why we use our mobile devices to help us feel complete. She says how family is consumed with the internet and telephones. Parents and children are texting during meals which is suppose to be family time. Parents and children are texting while reading, while doing homework, and many other things. She says that Licklider’s idea is good but people are now able to hide their true feeling through the internet and texting. She also says that people are losing how to communicate with each other due to this technology.

Licklider’s said in a few years people will be able to communicate through the internet. You will be able to communicate either face to face  or through message. You would be able to hold group meeting. He said only certain economic groups would be able to afford the computers; but everyone can today. He said the amount of money and time it will take to process the internet it was not available at the time. I agree with the process of the technology that Licklider’s talked about but everything did not happen how he said it would. Some things were better or it did not happen.

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  1. neuroth2

    I agree with your summary of everything that was talking about in the articles. I thought it was very interesting how Licklider was able to predict the future so well. Personally I think people like Sherry Turkle are just trying to find something to study and whine about. I know that may seem harsh but I think that communication evolves and adapts, I’m sure the world was full of Turkles when the telephone and the telegram were invented, people trying to say these things were ruining the way we communicate. Those types of people will always be around and I guess you just have to take their studies and research with a grain of salt. I think even though the way we interact IS very different from the past it is not worse or better, it is just different. Overall it was an interesting read and i enjoyed your summary of what was being discussed.


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