Week 5 The internet and the World Wide Web

Whether I agree with Licklider’s article or not is hard to say and I would have to place myself somewhere in between. He writes that computers will make communication a lot simpler because it does not matter how far away you are, you are still capable of having the same conversations and I do agree with him on that but I also think that people still like being face to face with the person they are communicating with. In the business world there is often no possibility of a face to face conversation because your business partners live on another continent and it would take a good amount of hours to travel to a meeting, when instead you can turn on the computer in seconds and see the other person. On the other hand our world has changed drastically. I remember being younger and having one computer with no internet. Today we cannot seem to get away from technology. I think Licklider makes great points concerning the cost of computing. As I mentioned before because of the global trade you can have business partners on other continents and it is a lot more expensive and time consuming to travel all the way each time for a meeting. Computing is the cheaper way and for many companies it’s a must in order to survive. Computing definitely has a big effect of how we interact socially. Licklider mentions that some people are unable to work in teams and through the computer they do not really have to work with anyone. I think this is very important in our society. We as humans rely on people interaction, that is just who we are but when we communicate only through other mediums that interaction will disappear and people will become socially awkward because you do not know how to act when you are around other people.

Sherry Turkle agrees with Licklider in the sense that computers and technology overall take over people and personalities. Instead of talking to someone people feel more comfortable being on their devices to stay connected to each other without having face to face conversations. She also touches on what I have pointed out that there is something different about face to face conversations. She gave the examples of young people sharing their story about when they were young they would watch sports with their parents and talk during commercials but now all they would do is sit on their devices; and they missed talking to their parents. She mentions that people feel more connected to each other over their devices than talking to someone face to face without anything being in their way, such as a computer screen. The main difference between the podcast and the article is that Sherry Turkle focuses more on the subjective aspect of the change in technology like thoughts and feelings, while Licklider focuses on the objective side of costs and benefits of technology. Based on her research she has also found that some people do not like the technology because the government can see everything they do and spy on them which would be less likely in a face to face conversation.

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  1. phelanro

    I like how you describe the podcast by Sherry Turkle as being the subjective changes like the feelings of consumers and the article by Licklider as being objective changes in costs and benefits. They both had similar things to say about the changing of technology, but giving those descriptions further distinguishes what each focused on. It is a great comparison. I also like what you said about how technology affects businesses. When writing my original post, I never thought of how the technology has made it easier to communicate with others on different continents. I only thought about how you could get in contact with someone easier with the increase in technology. Not only does the technology increase efficiency, it also increases the area of land that can be between people communicating. I also agree how working with computers has the potential to make people socially awkward. Someone who is really smart with computers, but that has not spent a lot of time interacting with others in the real world, could lack certain social skills that are expected. This could possibly be a problem with improvements in technology.

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