Week 5 Blog Post

Licklider’s predictions were partly true. One statement he made is that people will eventually be able to communicate more efficiently through machine than in person. As a result of the increase in electronic communications, less people talk face to face. If someone needs to get a hold of someone, it is easier to use technology to get in touch with him or her instead of visiting the person. Licklider predicts that computers will help improve the effectiveness of communication, which has happened. People can now communicate with someone instantly. They do not have to wait for snail mail to send a letter or telegraph, but can pick up a phone or send an email. One area in which Licklider was incorrect is concerning unemployment. He states unemployment would disappear forever because of the need to adapt new generations of the computer network. However, as we can see from current information, unemployment is still around and is still an issue.

Sherry Turkle talks about how technology has affected people psychologically. She would agree that computers would increase the effectiveness of communication, but that this is not necessarily good. Turkle brings up how fathers used to talk to their children during commercials while watching Sunday football but now are on their phone during breaks, and how nursing mothers will also be texting at the same time. People look to technology as a way to keep them connected to others almost 24/7. While communication has become more effective, people are interacting in the real world less and less as a result of the technology improvements, negatively impacting our social interactions with each other.

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  1. lopezro9

    I do agree with you on everything that you just stated, although communication has helped overcome distance barriers it has created boundaries for people and the real world. The only reason that Licklider thought unemployment could disappear forever was because of the immense jobs that technology could create. What he did not think through were the people that could work the new technology and the effects that technology would bring to people. Older people that did not grow up with technology simply tend to give up and not take advantage of the modern age. Adults that grew up seeing this new technology develop are also in the process of learning and keeping up with this new technology. For the younger generation that did grow with the technology it has become fairly easy to learn it and adapt it as they grow, but never the less they still have to compete with other people for a job.

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