Week 5 Blog Post

I believe that Licklider’s article is fairly predictive of the reality that we live in today. At the end of his article, he discusses how much of the work that we do will be centered on the use of computers. This is an accurate prediction of our lives today because most schoolwork and office work is now done on computers. For example, many high schools and colleges now offer online classes, where the students are required to watch the lectures and complete the homework entirely on their computer. In addition, many job applications can now only be completed on the web and not in the store that you are applying to. In Licklider’s article, he also mentions that there will be programs existing within a network, which can help people with things such as investment guidance, entertainment events, dictionaries, teaching programs, communication, etc. This is an exact prediction of the lives that everyone lives today because each person depends on all of these programs to help them organize and manage their daily lives. On the other hand, he also mentioned some things in his article that were not predictive of the reality that we live in today. For example, he explained that the unemployment rate should go away because of the new computers and computer software, but unemployment actually had the opposite effect and majorly increased.

Licklider’s discussion on the cost of computing and its effects on how we interact socially was a good representation of the lives we live today. He explained in depth about the cost of computing is his article and came to the conclusion that even though the price would seem high at first, it would greatly decrease before computers became a major part of everyday life. This is true because the cost of computers was very high, but when it began to become a major industry the cost decreased and became affordable to most ordinary individuals. When this occurred more and more people began to take advantage of the new technology that was now available to them. As computers began to become more advanced, people began using it more for interacting socially with other people and not just their work. As a result, the computer has large effects on how we interact with others. It allows us to interact with our colleagues and share information without making business trips and also allows everyone to have access to all the information on the web.

I think that Sherry Turkle will agree with some of the points raised by Licklider, but also disagree with some of the points in his article. Licklider discusses in his article how computers will allow us to communicate with others more effectively and productively with computers and I believe that Sherry Turkle would agree with this aspect of his article. However, in the podcast she discusses how technology effects us and makes us hide behind our phones and computers. She believes that people rely too much on their phones and computers to communicate with others and because of these things everyone would rather text than have an actual conversation. These points that Sherry Turkle discussed were not raised in Licklider’s article.

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  1. lewispai

    I agree that Licklider correctly predicted some of what would happen in the future. There is so much of our society that is based on computers and the internet today, from classes and job applications as you mentioned, to business meetings and social networks. I also mentioned in my post the part about the unemployment. Not only did unemployment have the opposite effect after the technology was developed, but there is even talk of these computers replacing human jobs today. The cost of computers also did decrease once they were made available for people. I think that the fact that computers were made more affordable is one of the biggest reasons why they have revolutionized our society this way. Computers and the internet are more available to society, allowing business and school and social networks to connect our society around the world.

    I also think that Turkle would agree with some of the points made by Licklider, but she would also disagree about some of them. I’m not sure if I would agree that Turkle would agree that computers allow us to communicate more effectively and productively. I think that she would agree that the computer has made it easier to communicate with anyone at any place and time, but she also discusses how we now use our technology in place of real live communication. So although technology has made it easier for us to communicate, it may not necessarily be more effective and productive because we forget how to actually communicate with another human being because we are constantly hiding behind our technologies.

  2. lazicsmi

    I agree with you that Licklider’s article is predictive of the world we live in today. As you mentioned, most of our school and office work is done by use of computers. This semester I have all online classes, I was able to get my homework done from Florida last week, where I would not have been able to do so before computers. I work in a law office, and just yesterday attorneys were discussing their experience of riggers of law school without computers and even worse, no copy machines; so they were forced to use carbon paper. This was only 30 some years ago. We have greatly technically advanced since then.
    The cost of computing will be very similar to what computers were when they first emerged to consumer market. As they became more prominent, the cost decreased drastically.
    I also agree with your posture on Sherry Turkle. She has a great book out called “Alone Together” where she talks about how much we’ve become technology dependent and how it is taking away from our humanity as a whole.

  3. nguye263

    Licklider’s article tries to visualize today’s world of technological advances. I support your agreement how Licklider’s believes technology is constantly found in close to every area within our world. Technology enables us performing any specific job in lesser work amount. Our lives become much easier through new technology. Sure, communication is an important aspect in these new technological improvements; however, it doesn’t define or ensure an effective use. In today’s society, nearly everybody is constantly on the move, and this makes communication difficult. Social networks or emailing is a perfect way in interacting with one another although such interactions are just not the same as seeing face to face. Your explanation how the new communication opportunities should only be used when needed, and such shouldn’t be our only method in communicating.
    Technology makes our everyday lives much easier. Certain projects or encounters are easily accomplished by using technological tools but we shouldn’t constantly consume ourselves within the technology. I enjoyed your interpretation of Sherry Turkle’s podcast. She believes people are attracted to technology due to speed. Everybody wants things done fast, however, the results might not be as effective as one who spent more time and heart performing that work. Same thing with communication- we may receive a message or email but that doesn’t actually mean we’re having a legit conversation. Instead we’re limiting ourselves to only one aspect in interacting with one another. Great Blob Entry! I wish you could write more!

  4. staalrya

    Licklider’s article envisions what the world of technology has become. His message was clear, technology continues to advance and make our lives simple. I agree with your entry because I see it the same way. Technology will continue to advance, and continue to simplify our everyday life. I enjoyed Licklider’s discussion of computers costs, although they were grossly high when the industry was first developed, it became more affordable through the different advances in technology and thus making it easier to afford and allowing everyone to buy a computer and have it be a part of their everyday life.
    Although Sherry Turkle disagreed with Licklider’s arguments in some instances, she generally respected his viewpoint on how technology would become affordable, and one day be a part of everyone’s lives whether they wanted it or not. Although she is right about people would rather text than have an actual phone conversation, I believe it can be more efficient and less time consuming to send a quick text, and continue working or doing whatever you were before, and waiting for a response. It can be more efficient, but it can be detrimental to future social interactions.

  5. millengr

    I agree that Licklider’s article somewhat does predict what is already happening. His artlice talks about communicating using computers. The understanding of the article I got is that Licklider is talking about computers being used to communicate for humans. I believe that ideal is far fetched and we may be years away before something like this is possible. He also goes into the cost of the technologyy he is talking about. With technology cost always eventuall go down. That’s the great thing about technical advancements. There’s always ways to cut cost and make things cheaper. That’s why things are constantly dropping in price once it’s not as new. Prices also fluctuate depending on the demand for certain technology. If something is in high demand companies can set a price point and people will buy. Apple is a great example. Apple computers cost more than most PC’s but their sells are very high. There is a demand for Apple products right now so Apple can have set prices and people will buy. Overall I think you did a great job with your post.

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