The need for faster things

Time is of the essence. I’m sure many of you have heard this quote many times throughout your lives. Though I am unsure of the author I want to use this quote to relate to the quick development of big computers to small personal computers. A very important reason that the intellectual leap happened in my opinion was to save time,space and money. Things that used to take multiple hours to do eventually were done in just one click during the transition from huge computers that took up one room to small personal computers or laptops that we see today. When Vanneca Bush built the differential analyzer and came up with memex in which he thought would have a large resourceful library and when Bob Berner invented the time sharing device , time was significant attribution to these inventions. The Dartmouth time sharing system was already a model for personal computers.

I have no doubt that inventors couldn’t escape the thought of using computers to save the time of things ,money and space. By constructing the computers differently, from large vacuum tubes to transistor, they began to even reduce cost, size and power consumption. These time saving machines that we know as computers went through different alternation with time. There were some failings like when Jack Kilby invented the first integrated circuit which made a lot of opportunity for mistakes.  Soon, another huge fundamental transisition took place which lead to smaller computers, the micro-processor. In the lecture it was said to be “essentially a computer on a chip.” It was very cheap to manufacture,smaller and removed the need for time sharing. The Altair was said to be the 1st commercial personal computer. H

In this era computers were seen to be used by hobbyist. The Home brew computer club was started in which they traded parts, did different things on their computers. Soon they came to realize that hobbyist weren’t the only ones that could use computers. Normal people could use this and with the triple shift invention of personal computers that didn’t have to be assembled like the Altar computer, people were enjoying them. The computers were the Apple, TRS-80 and the commode pet.

The need to save time, money and space contributed to the shift and quick development in computers.

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  1. holteric

    I completely agree with your analysis on what caused and help carry this intellectual leap. The need to save time, space, and money were all common themes in the reading as well as throughout the lecture. Most of the points in the lecture focused on how it made things faster, or how it saved this amount of space, and even how economical certain advancements were. These themes are present in today’s modern world as well. The need to save time and space are evident in today’s world where cell phones navigate through the world wide web just as efficiently as a desktop and the creation of electronic notepads are more marketable than even the thinnest laptop. There is no doubt in my mind that, with the continued use of technology, the theme for future advancements will not stray away from the same theme that influenced pioneers such as Robert Noyce.

  2. lazicsmi

    You did a tremendous job asserting the intellectual leap of the computer innovation and transgression since their invention to what they are today. I agree with your conclusion that computers were made available to the public as a way to save time, money and space. Almost everything in the world in today’s age is computer dependent and operated. Although the invention of computers has in fact saved time, money and space, it has also taken place of many jobs that people used to do, leaving many people dispensable. It was not that long ago that even though computers were mainstream in the homes of middle class American people, today any of us couldn’t even attend a university without a laptop requirement. The shift and technological development has interlaced our lives rather rapidly; I can’t even imagine what computer technology will be like two decades from today. I can’t help but think of the movie I Robot, maybe we will have our own personal computerized robot assistants.

  3. currie30

    I really like the term you used “time is of the essence” when beginning your post. It amazes me how technology has changed so much from the early 70s until now. Time and space I believe is one of the most important reason that lead to the intellectual jumps in computers. Lazicsmi I agree that the technology shift have took away jobs from people but, at the same time, the amount of people working at one time on one computer trying to code the work and trying to make sure the computers did not break down was time that could have been slept doing something more productive. I look at this shift as something positive because now days things can be done in seconds instead of years. Every day scientist discover something new that change society everyday and I believe this was one of the greatest things.

  4. staceyas

    I could not agree with your analysis more. I believe that I was only a matter of time before social clubs went viral on the internet. Using the Home Brew Computer club was a very sweet deal. Now days it’s about time, space, and saving money. With an ever growing population we do not have as much space as we did before, so computers take information that would have usually been saved in some secret warehouse and save it on a small chip that is no bigger than your fingernail. Everything is fast these days. People want their things in lightning speed, and due to technology we are able to do just that. Technology has made about a thousand more ways for people to make money, spend money, and invest it. The increase in speed of when we want our things ultimately led to scientist having to event something that would be capable of doing just that.

  5. millengr

    You did a great job describing how computers emerged over the years. You say this leap happened in order to save time, money, and space. When developers first made pc’s I don’t think that their intent was to do this necessarily. The things we do with computers now weren’t able to be done back in the 70′s. Computers today are used for a little bit of everything. Back then computers didn’t serve the same purpose as they do today. I’m not sure that I would totally agree with this leap happening due to time, money, or space. The leap took place due to the microprocessor which allowed for computers to be made a lot smaller. I definitely credit Steve Jobs as well as Steve Wonziak. They developed the first pc and from there pc’s took off and entered into our homes. Apple made the first user friendly pc and I give them a lot of credit for this leap.

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