Week 1 Blog Entry 1 Ada Lacelove

Computer programming would be pointless if some sort of communication wasn’t invented. Ada revealed this language to the world by her creation of the loop. Ada invented an instruction procedure which ends with a sequence of directions being commanded numerous times, Ada’s creation of the loop is one of the commonly known basic steps in any programming language. Without Ada’s profound and indescribable intelligence, the analytically engine would rot. Nobody ever really understood how the thing operates or functions. Ada fully grasps the analytically engine how it operates and work. Matter of fact, she provided documentation which left her partner Babbage in awe. Babbage constantly mentioned Ada didn’t just understand it but taught able to teach this knowledge extremely well. The analytic engine would have stayed in unknown and undocumented obscurity if Ada didn’t provide her contribution in revealing its new found potential. Ada became the first individual ever to write this computer documentation. Ada’s interest in her field led her to creating computer documentation, loop, programming languages, and documentation of analytic engine. These are some of her contributions which left profound impacts on the development of computing.

It’s quite significant to hear computer programming started nearly a century before an actual computer had been invented. However to discover out the first computer programmer was in fact a women is amazing. Women did not experience same opportunities as men during this time. For Ada Lovelace to experience what she did is considered abnormal for women in this era. Her life was not a typical women’s life. Ada’s activism in the scientific or mathematical spectrum is a miracle; however, her work concluded a well respected reputation and exceeded men in the field of her time. Well what were some of these conditions which allowed Ada to succeed as women in field dominated by men? Ada inherited incredible mathematical skills from her father. Her father foresaw his daughter’s interest within the field so he hoped Ada would eventually walk away from her interest for math and scientific matters. However things differed. Ada is not ordinary women especially during her time- she went beyond what most men couldn’t perform. She knew how to do the mathematical calculations but could explain them write back too. Her comprehension is extremely amazing! Ada’s gifted mathematical and scientific interest is one condition which helped her succeed as a women dominated by men. Another condition would be; Ada worked under her dear friend Babbage for years as an assistant. Over time she began to comprehend and understand things better than Babbage. She later assisted Babbage constantly with her work; he later began to print off her documentation and submitted it for review. Reviews earned her a respectable reputation. Working as an assistant gave her hands on experiences and over time developing her skills which leads into why she became successful as women in field dominated by men. Another condition which really assisted Ada refers back to her husband. Her husband was considered a mathematical genius, whatever he learned is passed along to his wife. His mathematic level exceeded Ada’s. His help strongly contributed to Ada’s comprehension and desire to become successful in her field of work.

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  1. muzzeyme

    Even though I agree with you on all the contributions she has done, there are several components that I believe you missed. One of the important components that I believe were involved in her strong knowledge of logic and mathematics was that she had one of the best tutors, Augustus De Morgen. According to Rheingold(2000) Augustus De Morgen was a famous British logician. I believe this had a significant impact on her knowledge and skills because she had somebody that was capable of discussing the material she has learned. Also because of her family, and later her husband she had the fortune of accessing the latest books that allowed her to broaden her horizon and continue the learning experience. The one thing that I do not completely agree with you on, are the skills of her husband. Yes he was a mathematician as well but he was not as knowledgeable and able to interpret information in the way Ada was. I think his main role in Ada’s ability to contribute to the 19th century was that he was rich and was able to supply her with her needs such as the latest books and the best equipment.

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