Week 1-Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace had a huge impact on the digital age,Mathematics and computers. Especially, while being a “computer wiz” in a time when women weren’t looked at as equal. Her childhood was similar to those of today’s time, being raised by a single mother.Nonetheless, Lovelace wasn’t your average teen. When she was 17 years old she attended a demonstration of the Difference Engine by Charles Babbage,another mathematician and inventor of that time. Unlike the other observers who remained in awe or in confusion throughout the presentation, Lovelace fully understood it. In fact, Babbage complimented that she understood it and had a better explanation of the way it worked then even himself. This meeting lead them on to a lifelong duo of contributions.

Babbage dreamt of inventing a calculating engine which he called an Analytical Engine. It was very advanced for their time and the British began to not take him serioius. He began to travel still lecturing on his imaginitive creation. While in Italy during one of his presentations Count Menabrea took thorough notes in hopes of them being published to spread the word about the analytic engine, but in French. Ada Lovelace translated those notes to English and added extensively to them. Her suggestiveness and profoundness was published and today her notes are still referenced along and very helpful to modern programmers . She is seen as one of the first computer programmers and has had a huge hand in the modern computers. Her notes lead to computers today.

Being partnered with Charles Babbage may have played a role in some of the opportunity’s that Lovelace endured. I say this because the majoritiy of women in the 19th century weren’t mathematicians . Most likely, they were limited to being nurturers and housewives. If Ada would have ventured off by herself  and even being so young, there is a possibilitiy that she may have not been respected as soon as she was. I think that once people really saw how brilliant she was that truly paved the way for her,being a woman.

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  1. lewispai

    I agree that Ada Lovelace’s notes were a huge contribution that she made and were one of the things that set her apart from the rest of the men in the field. Her ability to translate the notes into English and thoroughly explain them is what helped them to be referenced for so long and lead to the development of modern computers. At first I really only thought of the loop or the conditional jump to be some of her major contributions and her notes to just be one of the reasons why she was able to succeed as a woman in the field. After reading this I can see the notes being a contribution as well as a reason why she succeeded in the development of computing. Her notes, the loop, as well as the conditional jump, are all contributions that Ada made that helped computers get where they are today.

    Ada’a relationships, mainly her relationship with Charles Babbage, are one of the main reasons why she was able to succeed as a women and a mathematician during the 19th century. Her relationship with Babbage, as well as the other tutors that helped her along the way, helped her to continue to grow as a mathematician and to have the opportunity to be something other than a housewife. I think it was a good point that she may not have made it as far as she did if she had tried to venture off by herself, and it points out the importance of her relationship with Babbage. Although she was very young, her math skills and interest in math at such a young age helped to push her, and I think is one of the main reasons she was able to succeed in a time when women were not given the equal opportunities that men were. All of the contributions, as well as the talents, of Ada Lovelace are the reasons why she was able to succeed during this time period and leave such an impact of the development of the computer.

  2. lewispai

    The only thing I would add is her contributions of the loop and the conditional jump. I felt like they were not really mentioned in the post, but they were two very important things she contributed to the world of computing. They are two things that are still used today without them, computers may not have been able to be created the way that they were. Besides the notes,the importance of the conditial jump and the loop need to be stressed to get the full picture of the way Ada Lovelace impacted computing.

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