Week 1- Ada Lovelace

In my opinion, one of the most profound women in computing world of her time was Ada Lovelace. She had a profound impact being a woman and being so skilled in the area of mathematics. During the time that she was alive, many women were not viewed highly upon if they ventured out of the kitchen or home. Having the ability to be tutored must have been very empowering for her and gave her courage to achieve the things that she did. Being a woman at her time and achieving such great things was also from the help of her husband and economic status. Most husbands at the time did not want their wife’s out in the ‘public eye’ and with his acceptance of her skills Ada was able to use them to her full potential. Even with the computing world being so male dominated, she was still able to find a place and leave her mark in history. One of the most recognized contributions that Ada gave to the computing world was her translation of an Italian manuscript. The manuscript that she translated was on the Analytical Engine and she worked directly with Charles Babbage on this project. She understood the plans and procedures of the Analytical Engine and was able to articulate the true meaning of the manuscript so that it could be understood correctly in English. Ada Lovelace was almost as equally skilled as Charles Babbage in mathematics and was able to help greatly in the process of building the Analytical Engine.

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  1. caudill9

    I feel that you did not really address the first half of the prompt (or the second, really). From this I deduce that you believe the impact she made on the computing world was her ability to use the Analytical Engine. This completely ignores (or at least doesn’t pay any dues to) her true contributions. She was way ahead of her time in her ability to understand and develop these machines. Ada was responsible for creating some simple (yet very important) techniques in the world of computing that are still used to this day.

    Your answer to the second part (how was she successful even as a female), from what I can tell, was that she had a tutor. Simply having a tutor does not allow one to be successful. I believe that a lot more went into it, her independent intellect and desire to learn being among them. Her mother likely played a role (and to some extent her father) as her mother did not want Ada to end up like her father (a poet). Another factor in her ability to succeed was that she married well, and I believe that could have opened some doors for her (sad as that is).

  2. champa31

    I agree that Ada Lovelace was certainly a profound woman in computing history. Without her involvement with Charles Babbage with the Analytical Engine we may not know what we know about the intricate machine today and computers in general. It is definitely important to note the contribution that Ada Lovelace has given to the computing world. Her note taking and her essay on Babbage’s Analytical Engine was a thorough explanation on the workings of the machine and the development of it. Without this and the mathematical influence of Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage may have called it quits on his machine earlier than he did. Your post was excellent in describing the conditions she was in as being a woman in early 19th century England. What is also interesting is that not only was Ada Lovelace entering a field completely dominated by men, she was also able to compete in such a field because of the opportunities that were given to her as she grew up. Your post was very good on explaining her mathematical tutoring, but she very well may have had a lot of wealth from her family, and her marriage.

  3. currie30

    I would have to agree Ada Lovelace played an important role to computer history today. Not only did she contributed her mathematics skills but she help translate the Italian script into English. If she was not able to do that how far along would technology be today. She worked with Charles Babbage by contributing her mathematics and translation skills to help him develop the Analytical Engine if she didn’t help him would the computer be what it is today.

    Another thing that we need to take into account that Ada Lovelace was way before her time in her technology skills. I would say not only was she but everyone who played a role in making the digital age what it is today. Ada Lovelace contributed her skills at a time that women was not allowed to work. They had to be stay at homes wives, and if they worked they would they were treated the same as males because they were not look at as smart. Ada Lovelace had to prove herself not only as a woman but a woman who meant business and know what she was doing. I know it was a challenge that she face everyday by being a woman. I think she is one of the most important woman in the digital age because of the time frame of her work and also what she contributed to the digital age. Her skills, her translation skills if it was not for her doing something that she love that may she seem simply to some what type computers would we have today.

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