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Living in a society where men make up the majority population in the work force, it is often times where women skills and knowledge are unrecognized and unappreciated. Ada was a curious and very intelligent young lady  who worked along the side of the brilliant Charles Babbage. Ada played a huge role in helping Babbage advancing the analytical engine. Her contributions to creating the computing program was so close succeeded until she died; during that time her work was unknown, it was until after her death when her work became noticed. The success and goals she hoped for was not normal for a woman during her era of time. The determination she had in her was strong and she was dedicated to her work and helping Babbage create something that can change history. Ada was intelligent as she was growing up but  because she never saw her father and her mother was vicious to her, this may be what lead her to have such a strong desire for knowledge. She strived so hard to learn so that she could become a wiser woman. Then she finally found the one person she looked up to the most, which was Charles Babbage. Soon after they became partners who grew to be inseparable, they went on a quest to finish their device. Instead of just observing, Ada knew exactly what it took to help Babbage complete the machine and it surprised the others that she knew what she was doing. The hard work and dedication she put into her work and her satisfying condition motivated her to create the most useful system in the programming language which gave her the advantage to succeed as a woman in a male dominated field.

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  1. farberh1

    In your response, you pointed out some major key points as to why Ada Lovelace was able to succeed in a field dominated by men. Even though I agree with the information you provided, there may be more facts that would be able to help explain why she was able to succeed the way she did. For example, the renowned British logician, Augustus De Morgan, was one of their family’s good friends and was able to tutor her in mathematics while she was growing up. Therefore, the knowledge she acquired that enabled her to succeed may not have been possible without the tutors and other resources that her family was able to provide.
    In addition, the specific contributions that Ada Lovelace had on the development of computing are not stated in your response. You mentioned that she created the most useful system in the programming language, but you failed to mention what the system was and why it is still important today. She created the loop system in order to allow a sequence of instructions to be repeated multiple times. There are also other contributions that had an impact on the development of computing that could have been mentioned. For example, Ada translated notes took on Babbage’s engine from French into English, which were about twice as long as the original because of the notes she added into her translation. She created a program for the analytical engine based on its principles, which showed that she understood the concepts of a programmed computer way before their time.

  2. Logan Mancini

    Myra may not have listed specifics about what Ada Lovelace did to contribute to the programming community, but an important them was outlined that I missed the first time reading the material. With her family being in such a mess, having a mom that forced an addiction on her, she may have been trying to reach out and prove herself. Maybe Babbage was filing a role she never had in life, a father. Either way though, her personal life was far from normal. Being an aristocrat, she had endless opportunity to either make herself look very good, or very bad. Succeeding asa women in her time, she needed to have a pretty squeaky clean record. Unfortunately, Babbage was known to be slightly “off” in his later ages and Ada had a bit of a gambling addiction. I think its more clear to us why Ada did not become popular and known for her achievements until after her death. She may have been wildly successful on her achievements for programming but in the days she lived in, people couldn’t see what she was really doing for the word quite yet.

  3. Alex Galarza

    Focusing on the personal dynamics and circumstances of a figure like Ada is an important part of understanding her life and contributions towards our topic of study. However, Hailey is correct to point out that there was some detail missing in Myra’s post. Good dialogue from everyone.

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