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Women in Refrigerators

As promised, here is the link to the Women in Refrigerators site:

Here is the full characters list:

Here is Ron Marz’s response:

and here is John Bartol’s “Dead Men Defrosting” article/response:

Amber J-W’s Blog Post #2

This week, I chose to read Veronica:  Veronica has a tough choice to make…Archie or Archie? Reading Veronica was pretty nostalgic for me.  When I was younger I remember reading Betty and Veronica.  So I thought I would take a trip down memory lane.  I didn’t know that that there was a Veronica comic until I saw this at the store.

In this issue, Veronica takes a trip to Paris with her father.  She leaves behind her boyfriend Archie but to her surprise a family friend in the city, has a nephew whose name is also Archie.  Veronica spends time with her new friend Archie and really starts to like him.  She wrote back to the states to tell her best friend Betty her feelings for the Archie in Paris.  Veronica’s boyfriend read the email and he is heartbroken.

The whole time that I was reading the comic, I thought about how much it reminds me the reality shows that are shown on T.V. today.  In particular, MTV’s The Hills episodes are largely based around boy-centered drama. A popular character on the show, Lauren Conrad, is often caught in a love triangle much like Veronica is in the comic.

This issue was overly dramatic and so are the reality shows that we have today.  When Veronica’s boyfriend finds out that she is falling for another guy he receives permission from his parents to go all the way to Paris to win back her heart.  When Veronica realizes that American Archie knows about her new friend she goes to the U.S. So, the content of the stories are very unrealistic but cute non-the-less.

I also enjoy the way the characters are drawn. Veronica’s mom has short bleached blond hair which is something that you don’t always see on a middle aged woman.  It’s interesting that when you are making a comic the artist can let his imagination run wild.