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I think the idea of a fan base community has had the most important impact on the development of the modern comic book industry. Without the enthusiastic fans who would write letters to the creators and writers or the numerous fans who keep up with the issues and purchase the tickets for Comic con that the industry has been able to get through tough economic times. The comic book industry has survived through wars and not so bright presidents simply because of the strong support in their choice of comic book. Merchandising, ticket sales, web blogs and fan created websites are what keep the companies creative in thinking of better ways to keep up with the times and to not be overshadowed by Hollywood trends. Fans who create websites who recommend comic books to others helps expand and bring in more readers who may not have given comic books a chance. People don’t just wake up one day and strike an interest. Hollywood has taken comic books and turned them into strong showings at the box office and endless amounts of merchandise but without someone coming up with the idea to make the superhero comic book into a movie, it would not have been possible. The person would have to have read comics and its characters in order to bring it up to producers as a potential movie. It may be the storyline or the hot leading lady (or dude) but it is the fans that continue to purchase/subscribe and follow comic books that give the modern comic book industry motivation to keep growing with its readers. Fans that create art or comic books themselves and grow up having it become a career. Regardless of the little that actually become successful in the industry, they help contribute to providing a future for comic books.

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