Announcement: Final Exam Questions

As promised, here are your final exam questions for Tuesday’s final.  Remember, you only pick one of these to write your essay on.  You can prepare ahead of time to your heart’s content, but you cannot bring any material into the class.  I’m looking for a thoughtful, detailed, intelligent, and interesting approach to how you address the question you choose.  So, here are the questions:

  1. The direct market is arguably one of the most important developments in the history of the comic book.  Explore the the factors that contributed to the development of the direct market, the impact that the direct market had on both the comic book industry and the medium of comics, and the future of the direct market.
  2. While most people think about comic books, they most often think about mainstream publishers and characters.  However, independent comic book “movement” has had as much of an impact on comic books as the mainstream industry.  Discuss the development of the independent comics scene.  Be sure to include a discussion of the influence that indie comics have had on mainstream comic industry.
  3. You simply cannot talk about the history of the modern comic book without talking about the Comics Code Authority.  Discuss and explore the events that led up to and shaped the foundation of the Comics Code Authority, the fallout (both in terms of the creative aspects of the of the industry and the business aspects of the industry), and the Modern Age revolution in comics as it relates to the Comics Code Authority.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to give me a shout.  I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday at 12:45.  Remember to bring a blue book and a pencil/pen (I don’t care which)

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