Final Project Presentation & The Question of the Schedule

As everyone knows, the schedule was thrown into complete dissaray when I got sick and had to cancel class.  Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be such a big deal.  However, because the nature of our schedule, I had to cut a lot of things that are very important to the class.  I’ve got to be honest, there are just some topics that I can’t give up.

So, I’m thinking of killing the presentation component of the final project.  This would free up three classes – which would allow me to cover the remaining content I want to cover.

This means two things.  First off – (obviously) you wouldn’t have to do a final presentation.  Second off (and this is more important) – your grade would be based solely on the project itself (as opposed to split between the project and the presentation).

We aren’t going to have any time tomorrow to talk about this (because we’ve got Ryan Stegman & Jason Howard coming in to do a guest lecture).  So, I wanted to get your opinion/feedback on this now.  Please stick your thoughts (you want to do it, you don’t want to do it, etc, etc, etc) in the comments section of this post.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a get read on your opinions and make a final decision ASAP.  Its really important that everyone chimes in with their thoughts.

15 thoughts on “Final Project Presentation & The Question of the Schedule

  1. Rie

    To be honest I don’t think an oral presentation would enhance the project much as opposed to just reading each essay. Maybe in lieu of that, have some sort of quiz on the content of the final wikis?

  2. Lauren Merriam

    I really like this idea, and would love to spend more time learning about the industry. I think it would help some of us on our projects too, especially since we’d have more time to go over the more recent years of comic history when some of the OGNs we’re reading were published.

  3. Matthew Ericksen

    Can we get an extension on the projects then? If the whole grade is based solely on the Wiki then I’d like to have so more time to maybe put some finishing touches or just make it overall more extensive. I feel like, if we opt not to present, we should possibly get until the end of the presentation period. This is just a suggestion.

  4. Amanda

    I think this would work just fine. We could learn more about the industry and have more time to research more for our projects. Thumbs up!

  5. Ethan Post author

    yeah, the idea is that you would have until December 10th to submit the finished research project. Though, I might be inclined to give you a little extra time (maybe a few more days)

  6. Dana Guentert

    I think this is a good idea. Is there anyway you could post an example of a good wiki/research paper on one of the graphic novels that no one in the class is doing? That way we would know exactly what formating and detail you are looking for in terms of historical context and literary devices.

  7. Ethan Post author

    Dana – there aren’t really any examples out there. You should be fine with the guidance I’ve already provided (all of the info is in the Assignments section of the course website). However, if you have specific questions, or want me to look at a draft (of any kind), I’d be more than happy to help out.

  8. Ariel Silverstein

    I don’t mind if the presentation is cut. I’d rather have more days to learn about the industry.

  9. Amanda M.

    I am also excited about spending more time learning about the industry, and I think that it would be helpful to have that time to focus more on the paper. HOWEVER, my only concern is that by cutting out the presentation all of our assessments for this course will be done through writing. I am a decent writer, but I know that, for myself, I do not best display my understanding through writing. I am willing to bet that there are other students in the class who feel the same. I know that many classrooms rely on written assessments, but I personally do not think it is fair to all learning styles to have that be the only method. Is there a way that we could possibly adjust the final so that the course is not so writing extensive? Is there a way incorporate discussion? Could we do a smaller presentation or project? Could we make a massive concept map? I don’t know if any of this is realistic but I think that considering the topic of this course, we could probably do some really creative things for our final.

  10. Ethan Post author

    Amanda – I appreciate your position. However, this is an honors history class…which means its pretty writing intensive. Remember, you’ve also got your weekly blogs – which, while writing, aren’t “traditional” writing assignments.

    However, I’m more than happy to give you guys all sorts of crazy feedback (as much as your heart’s desire) at any stage of your research project. If you want me to look over a draft a week, I’m down with that. So, if you are a little unsure about your writing prowess, you can get lots and lots of feedback.

  11. Ga Mei

    I was actually looking forward to the oral presentation of the class because it was sort of a fun/laid creative approach towards the end of the course but if time does not allow it then I wouldn’t mind cutting it out.

    so basically our grade would be based on the writing posted on a website presented through wiki? or something of that matter?

  12. Ethan Post author

    Yeah, the entire grade would be based on the research project/research paper (which is going to live on a wiki). I’m actually in the process of getting the wiki setup. As soon as that is dealt with, I’ll have how-to/demo videos up for everyone to view immediately.

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