X-Men Forever #1

X-Men Forever, Issue One, was the comic book of choice for me this week. The X-Men characters are Marvel’s creation for those who do not know.  I was very entertained by this book. As a kid I enjoyed the X-Men series, I think it was on tv but I can’t remember. This comic reminded me very much of the series I watched, except for a few characters. These characters were Shadowcat and her Lockheed, which I perceive to be  her pet companion. Another I did not remember from my childhood was Nightcrawler, yet I know he was just recently in the X-Men movie. Speaking of the recent X-Men flick, I was disappointed to not have seen two of the characters that are in this book; Beast and, my personal favorite, Gambit. I know that those two were also in the tv series I used to watch.

In recent classes we have been discussing Marvel’s, or Stan Lee’s, attempt at humanizing their hero’s. I saw a lot of those human characteristics in this issue. Some examples being Jean Grey’s struggle between being with Scott “Cyclops” or Logan “Wolverine,” and Logan’s headstrong attitude toward everything.

This issue did an alright job at explaining the characters genetic mutations or “super powers,” but for some I got a bit confused. I’m not very sure on what Shadowcat can do, and even though I already know that they can do, they did not explain Gambit’s abilities along with Beast’s, Storm’s or Nightcrawler’s.

I know that Jean Grey is supposed to become the Phoenix, at least that is what I believe, and at the end of the story she becomes a big ball of fire, for lack of better words.  So I am assuming that they will explain more of her developing “powers” in the next issue, and if not very soon.

There was a lot of action in this issue, which I’m taking as a good sign for it being the first issue. I bet it’s just going to get a lot more dramatic and I’m excited for the next issue.

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