Weekly Blog #2 Archie Marries Veronica: The Wedding Pt 2

This week I decided to continue the story of Archie. I choose the part 2 of his 6 part wedding bonanza. Part 2 was the actual wedding issue. It became official at the end with “I do!” from both Archie and Veronica.

Throughout this issue, I was still trying to get a feel for the story and the characters. They seem to be the personalities I predicted from last time. The whole marriage ceremony seemed to be a huge deal throughout the city of Riverdale and everything went exactly the way Veronica wanted it. What threw me off the most was how every other character in the town was always concerned about how Betty was feeling. They were very happy for Archie and Veronica, but it seems that they felt Archie was better suited for Betty. It’s interesting because within the 2 issues I have read, I already feel the same way they do. I feel sympathetic towards Betty since she was Archie’s first friend and it is really obvious that she has loved him throughout their whole relationship. She is a sweet, humble character who seems to be very worthy of Archie.

Along with this analysis, I feel inclined to ask the question, would I feel the same way about Veronica if Archie had chosen Betty? I am very curious as to what other readers would think if Veronica had the same personality she does, but Archie chose Betty over her. The readers might have seen Veronica in a different light, such as being hurt and saddened by her loss. I think that if this were the case, I would feel sympathetic toward Veronica, but I still don’t know if I would want her to have Archie over Betty. Now with this conclusion, I begin to question why I feel this way. It seems that readers are very biased due to the personalities of the characters. This is a direct reflection on real life as well. I believe this is what attracts me most to this comic, is the fact that is shows a real connection to reality from the mainstream references down to the personalities of characters in which you can connect to at least one person in your life.

As a design aspect for this issue, the artist had the same basic concept as the last issue except for the final words of the wedding, “I now pronounce you husband and wife!” This page was a full 2 page picture and the wedding with all the guests included. I feel like the designer chose this moment to make the scene a full page picture was to enable the reader to take in the reaction of everybody at the event. This is the biggest moment in a wedding, and the artist allowed us, as readers, to be a part of it. Looking at the picture in detail shows Betty crying, people cheering, a man looking like he doesn’t care, the parents being so proud, etc. As I continue to look at the specifics in the next two 1 page panels, I feel more and more like I’m there and able to share this with the characters. This goes back to the theory that we were talking about in class about how we can escape from reality into comics. I liked how this issue was laid out and of course I am now drawn into the series since there is a possibility of a baby in the next part!

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