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Video Interviews

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Social significances

“Outside of my family, sports have been the number one influence in my life. I played and coached for Michigan State University and in the National Football League so, without football I wouldn’t have a college education or became a … Continue reading

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Greatest Memoirs

“My first memory was when I was a kid watching my dad play fast pitch softball in Jackson, Mi. He was a great pitcher for his team. Another memory that I have was my senior year of high school when … Continue reading

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Favorite athletes

“In golf it had to have been Jack Nicklaus. He was my idol and I wanted to be able to play golf like him. Another one of my favorites was Bill Freehan, catcher for the tigers when they won in … Continue reading

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Greatest sporting influences

“Growing up in Canton, Ohio, playing sports was a way of entertaining yourself because we didn’t have all of these video games and technology that your generation has to keep you entertained. I had a job since I was 8 … Continue reading

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