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Departmental Funding Opportunities

Awards for Current Students

Regardless of what a student may have received in an admission package they must submit a new application and letters of support from professors for each academic year. The Graduate Policy Committee evaluates the applicants and awards appropriate funding.

  • Information regarding Assistantships can be found through the Graduate School’s website here:
    2013-14 Graduate Assistantship Brochure or at
  • Assistantships are awarded for grading and teaching undergraduate discussion sections.
    Compensation for the typical 50% appointment includes a stipend of approximately $6000 per term, tuition and health insurance. Students may also apply for graduate assistantships in other college programs such as the Center for Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities (CISAH). Each spring returning students will apply for an assistantship through the history department, the application will be sent out via email.
  • Merit Fellowships are awarded primarily to students at the dissertation stage for research and writing support.
    This Competitive Merit Fellowship program operates through the department and college; competitions are announced each fall.
  • Major Fellowships are available in national competitions, of which the department and Graduate
    School try to keep students informed. For more information, consult the online Graduate School Funding Guide and the Graduate School website.

Awards for Incoming Students

The admission application is sufficient for applying for funding because all admitted students are considered for the awards available to incoming students each year. These include:

  • The Michigan State University Distinguished Fellowship Program offers four years of support for a limited number of U.S. citizens or permanent residents, including a $24,000 stipend, tuition and health insurance.
  • The History Graduate Teaching Award offers four years of support with a half-time graduate assistantship in the Department of History (2 years) and the Center for Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities/CISAH/
  • The College of Arts and Sciences Recruitment Fellowship offers a stipend and research assistantship with a value of $16,000 for four years, including tuition and health insurance.
  • The Milton Muelder Graduate Fellowship offers four years of support to a student of European History or the History of the Arabic/Islamic World. The recipient, a U.S. citizen, receives a $15,000 stipend, tuition and health insurance.
  • The Graduate Education Opportunity Program offers a combination of fellowship support and graduate assistantships to African American, Latin American, and Native American students through the Academic Achievement Graduate Assistantship, and the Competitive Doctoral Enrichment Fellowship.