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History of Sport Seminar

This seminar analyzes the sports historical transformations in industrial and postindustrial societies from an interdisciplinary perspective. The goal of the seminar is to create a place for the study of the multidimensional history of sports, not merely as physical competitions, but also as spaces for the formation of specific leisure cultures, as transnational commercial enterprises for the global entertainment industry, as symbolic fields for the construction of gender boundaries and masculinity ideals. The seminar will also focus on the connections between sports and socially constructed notions of body fitness, physical beauty and personal health care, as well as the intersections between global sports competitions and the formation of ethnic, national and transnational identities.


The seminar is designed to provide a space for the free exchange of ideas among faculty, graduate students and scholars in the area. It will feature both ongoing research projects and published materials. The inclusion of non historians from MSU and external institutions is considered critical for the establishment of a truly interdisciplinary space for discussion, analysis and intellectual commerce.

Football Scholars Forum

Launched in 2010, FSF is an academic book club based in the history department at Michigan State University. Members have varied research interests related to the “beautiful game.” The group brings together authors, professors, and graduate students to discuss works on fĂștbol in a discussion setting. Contact the Football Scholars Forum at galarza1 [at] msu [dot] edu

Long Term Goals
The Sport History group seeks to develop  a formal specialization in sports history in the history department and to explore the formation of an interdisciplinary sport studies program with other departments and colleges in the university.