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The Tomb of Antony and Cleopatra?

Suetonius and Plutarch wrote that Octavian, upon his victory over Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius, allowed them to be buried together in the tomb they had been constructing. But where is it? The discovery of Cleopatra’s tomb would, as Zahi Hawass says, be the “Tut” of the 21st century.

Once more, Hawass rides in to save the day. He announced in April of 2009 that he was close to finding the last Pharaoh’s tomb. He, along with a Dominican Egyptologist, Kathleen Martinez, have three possibilities at the Tasposiris Magna, a temple west of Alexandria.

Further proof lies in the discovered of 10 mummies in 27 tombs of Egyptian Nobles, 2 of them being gilded. Also, 22 coins bearing the images of Cleopatra and Alexander of Macedon and an alabaster bust of Cleopatra. What is only tradition for Hawass, he once again refutes modern scholarly belief, by noting the coins and the bust depict a beautiful queen. Another artifact revealed a mask with a prominently cleft chin, believed to be a depiction of Antonius.

The discovery of this tomb would surely hold treasures beyond count – providing of course Octavian didn’t become a grave robber before it could even be sealed. But also, the tomb of these two historical icons would provide countless priceless evidence of the true story, minus the exaggerations of the Octavian-loving historians. For one, we could most likely discover the method of Cleopatra’s death. Though of small historical significance, (a death is a death regardless of the method), it would add great insight to the method of the ancient historians and either add or subtract credibility to their works.

Most unfortunately, however, despite my advanced skill with google, I’m unable to find the results of these discoveries. However, the possibility that Hawass is holding any such discovery close to his chest for some grand reveal is very possible.

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