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Center for History Teaching and Learning

Recent trends in the historical profession and in the field of social science education have highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary partnerships that connect content disciplines to the training of professionals in education, business, telecommunications, and other career fields. The Center for History Teaching has been created by the Department of History at Michigan State University in order to intensify its attention to preservice teachers and to develop new strategies for meeting their needs within the Department. We take a holistic approach that involves preservice teachers, outreach and extension services to induction and in-service teachers, and the development of content-based resources that appeal to both constituencies. The Center’s mission is to mobilize the Department’s human and material resources to promote the training and continuing education of teaching professionals in the discipline of History, through collaboration with professional programs at MSU, outreach to local and Michigan schools, policy analysis and consultation for the State of Michigan, and research on historical consciousness, history learning, and history pedagogy. The Department will hire dedicated faculty with a track record of publication and service in history education, the development of extramural funding streams for applied and theoretical research, and the creation of strong operational linkages with sister institutions in Michigan and off-campus history organizations such as the Michigan Historical Center and the Michigan Council for History Education.

The Center is also the administrative headquarters for the Michigan Council for History Education, an affiliate of the National Council for History Education.  MCHE offers advocacy, professional development, and instructional resources for history educators in the K12 sphere, museums, historic sites, and universities where the preparation of teachers and the encouragement of historical habits of mind is a vital part of the institution’s outreach and educational mission.

History Faculty Currently Engaged in History Education and Outreach Professors: Peter Knupfer (humanities technology, 19th century America), Ethan Segal (medieval Japan, Asian studies), Lisa Fine (business, labor, and women’s history), David Bailey (American religious and intellectual history),  Thomas Summerhill (agricultural history, 19th century America), Susan Sleeper-Smith (Native American, environmental, early republic), Pero Dagbovie (African American history and historiography, popular culture), Alan Fisher (Islamic studies, world history), Gordon Stewart (European and world history), Christine Daniels (early American, colonial). Our new faculty in African studies and history will be joining this effort as we expand our coverage to World History and Geography.